Mental Health Warrior (ifr) wrote in cat_skinning,
Mental Health Warrior

sometimes, I don't have the words...

one fucking fat bastard of a cat
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You know, this really pisses me off.

I think I said when I first got here that I don't particularly mind cats - it's the owners that get on my nerves.

If someone chucked a cat out of a tenth floor flat window there'd be uproar. They'd be banned from keeping animals for life! At least it's suffering would be relatively short compared with that poor git in the picture.
Shit, when I first read this, I thought you said "compared with that poor girl in the picture"!

It's obscene innit.
God knows how the poor bastard even walks.
It's obscene innit.


An evil bit of me wants to post that into one of those cat loving, vomit inducing journals *just* to see the reaction there. I wonder how many would go 'awww, what a cute baby, 'oo's a ikkle dumpling, bla bla bla'.

Then again I might be pleasantly surprised by having the wrath of cat owner-dom heaped on my head :)
Ooooh, go on. I dare ya.
Kittypix or summat.
1892 members on Kitty-pix.

Should be fun :)
I can't think that any responsible cat owner would think that that was cute or anything other than a severely abused moggy.
Responses so far have included a reassuring (to me at least) "OMG!!! ;_; poor thing.." and a slightly worrying but not too bad "</i>Tubby! I love that pic.</i>"

So far, it seems that sense is winning over stupidity.

If this were a child, not a cat, there would be uproar and despite the tagline I use of "It's just a fuckin' cat" even I can see that this is overstepping the mark somewhat.
The cat owners (well, the ones who subscribe to kittypix) don't seem to think anything....

That's absolutely horrible! It's a living creature. I hope the ASPCA get a hold of that poor cat. The owner is too irresponsible to take care of a cat. I hope she doesn't have children.
Hey, I'm just looking around on this site and came across your pages.
I am amazed and horrified at this pic. How in the hell does this poor cat walk?
BTW, I do get your sense of humor. It's great! =)
You have the best userpic in the world ever! I neeeeed it! :)

And thank you for getting the humour. You'd be amazed at the number of people who don't get it. It really is just a laugh, you know? I might not like cats, but I'm just as appalled at the awful things some people do to them as anyone else is.

Must dash now, got to get the kitten out of the tumble dryer. Makes him all fluffy you know... ;)
LOL! I would give you that evil b!tch if I did love her so much. That is my evil cat Lexi.