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cat_skinning's Journal

There's more than one way to skin a cat....
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Ok, before the cat people start complaining and flaming, let's start by saying that this community in no way advocates (or gives step-by-step instructions on) skinning cats.

It's a name, a joke, go back to getting fur all over your clothes and smelling of cat piss.

There seems to be an abundance of "cat lovers" around. Livejournal is no exception to this. There are communities devoted to cat lovers, pictures of cats, some users have actually created journals for their cats (!), but nowhere have I found a safe haven for people who detest them.

If you cant stand the sight of the furry flea ridden sharp clawed vermin, then you are most welcome.

If you cant bear to read another journal entry by someone describing the contents of the vomit their cat produced, then welcome.

If you are sickened by the way some people treat their cat like it's a child, then welcome.

If the thought of some sad muppet creating a journal for their cat - and then updating it! - makes your toes curl, then welcome.

Feel free to gripe, moan or post pictures of severely ugly cats here.
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