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Hello all.

I joined this community a few days ago...
So now I will proceed to salute you, my fellow cat-haters with this admittance speech.


Okay. I'm not much on trying to sound eloquent or type pretty things... but I feel in joining this community I should introduce myself.


I'm Kara, I'm seventeen, and I really do despise cats. I came across this community when I saw that "not cats" in my intrests was actually mutual to somebody else; so of course I HAD to click on it... which brings me here to this lovely cat-hating fellowship of truly smart human beings.

Maybe I should make a list of why I hate them:
1. The first cat I ever met sliced my best friend's eyelid open, yet she still wanted to keep the dingbat... why do all cat owners put up with crap like this?!
2. This same cat continues to scratch her often.
3. I have encountered many other cats who attack you if you make some slight movement for the same reason as the cat above; none.
4. Cats always lick themselves... i don't CARE if its hygene!!! You don't lick hair! Thats discusting! Fur balls galore!
5. They just purr and want food and want to be petted and go away.
6. You actually have to spend money to get them checked up, which is really an awful waste when you could buy yourself an ant farm or something which would give you way more pleasure than a feline.
7. Cats claw everything. Or they pee on stuff. Yah happened to my clothes once at a friend's house. NOT lovely.
8. Cats are stupid.
9. Cats are stupid.
10. Cats are ugly.

Hmm that about does it. An even list of ten.

Cheers! -Kara.
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11. Cats are stupid.

Welcome. :)