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I have a little problem

Hello dears!

I was chatting to a chum of mine earlier today and they just happened to mention this community and do you know what I thought to myself? I thought, now there's a group that will be able to help me with my problem.

What problem I hear you ask? Surely Auntie Mary couldn't be having any problems, but I can assure you I do.

Irritating Pussy.

Two of them, to be precise. Both of them not much older than kittens, so they're all spitting and hackles and they decided to invade my back garden a few days ago. They've made such a mess. My begonias are all but done for and they've soiled my soil!

Now, I don't mind cats in general, but I've always been a dog person myself. If my father ever caught one in his prize strawberries, he used to sort them out with his old service revolver. Of course, I would never do something like that. For one thing, I don't have a gun.

I've tried everything I can think of to shoo them away. I've squirted water at them, swatted their noses with a newspaper (although that might be for labradors, thinking about it) and sprinkled my bedding plants with pepper. I'm sure my next door neighbour (Mr Thompson, nice man, suffers from gout) thinks I've gone quite mad.

I don't know where these kitten have come from, but they're a damn nuisance, if you'll pardon my language. Has anyone got any ideas how I can rid of them for once and for all?
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Sounds like you need an electrified cat scarer. I believe they work on fluffy bunnies too.
Goodness! The things that they think of electrificating these days.

I was rather expecting a cattle prod type arrangement.

Shame, really because that would have been useful for getting one or two ladies of my acquaintance onto the Ring and Ride with a bit more speed.
You could try a taser on your lady friends. I don't think it would work on kittens though, too small a target for both the leads to connect :)
I would suggest a double barrelled shotgun aimed squarely between the eyes of the fleabag bastards.

But that's just me.
i just wish to say:
when i was arguing with jinx, she said this community was lighthearted and a joke about cats, and she defended it so much by saying its not about hating cats, but more taking the mick.thats what her argument was completely about.
the thing is, your comment above has gone against that completely. this is something that she argued for hours, saying this kinda stuff didnt happen on here at all.
she said she had cats too, and would even donate money if she ever said she hated them.
so i ask you jinx, do you approve of this comment?
im not looking to start anything at all so please dont take this the wrong way. its just confusing seeing this after she said to me many times and over many hours, this is not what its all about.
once again i apologise and do not wish any confrontaion.
thanks for listening.
It's not what this community is all about. That person apparently is an idiot and thinks animal cruelty is the way.

Unfortunately with a community like this you are going to have one or two actual haters on here. Atleast that is my opinion.

And as for the original poster, I would either take them to the local no kill shelter or find someone to adopt them.
I'm an idiot and you're the biggest fucking halfwit I've ever come across.
Can't you see when you're having the piss ripped from you?
Jesus christ, get a fucking grip. Maybe my suggestion about the double barrelled shotgun should have been that we direct it at you. It would be no great loss to humanity if youwere removed from the gene pool.

Now do us all a favour and fuck off.
so i ask you jinx, do you approve of this comment?

I neither approve nor disapprove because I don't have the right to do so. ifr has every right to her opinion. Who am I to tell her that she is wrong simply because her opinion *might* be different to mine?

There are *loads* of communities on LJ that make me uncomfortable or in some cases downright angry. My solution to this is to avoid them. It's not my right to dictate how other people think or what their opinions are and I wouldn't try.

This community belongs to ifr. It's a place for her to vent/rant about cats/their owners/whatever she feels like. It's obvious that you don't like it Jay, so why are you here?

Do you condone censorship?

m not looking to start anything at all so please dont take this the wrong way.

Haven't done. Please extend me the same courtesy.