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Grow your own...

We've all come across the Bonsai Kitten website at some point haven't we.
I, however, had not come across the uproar it caused - and still causes - from certain sectors.

Like this numpty:

"Browsing the web one day I came upon a site that was so disturbing it made me cry. After which I had to do something. If anyone knows what to about it here is the site:
It is a site offering services to "Bonzai a kitty". The site discribes jamming a kitten into a small vessel with air and feeding tubes, inserting superglue into its anus for a waste tube to stay put. After months of this type of toture the kitten is then either slid out or the glass vessel is broken to remove it. The kitten is by this time fully formed into the shape of the vessel and is permanatly disfigured. Anyone out there that knows the proper people to report this to please this should never ever happen even in the worst of worlds!"

All spelling nothing to do with me.

I had a read through the guestbook on the Bonsai Kitten site and I've not laughed so much in ages. There's a good mix of outraged, ignorant people and the other kind too.

For example:
"As a professional cat-juggler, the biggest challenge I face is the poorly balanced body of the average kitten. Their large heads and flailing legs make them twist unpredictably as they fly through the air. Is it feasible to make a spherical kitten? This would make my job much easier, and also would be safer and more comfortable for the cats being juggled. I would love to be able to bring this technique back to my homeland, where we have a rich tradition of cat-juggling that goes back over 400 years."

and a Haiku:

"My bonsai kitten
Bounds with the grace, speed, and guile
Of a cinderblock."

The guestbook alone is worth a read.
Just thought I'd share. :)
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